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Looking for Margarita, the writer? I know it can be quite confusing when you Google someone’s name after reading an excellent piece by said someone and all you see is their “day job” persona. Well, despair no more. If you landed here because you found my essays and want to see more of what I write, please go to my writing website. 


But if you are an expat, read on. This site is made for you -- whether you are ... 

  • Expatriate spouse – feeling at times disconnected, powerless, guilty, lonely  and worried about doing the right thing for your career, your identity, your kids; or
  • Expat executive – eager to succeed yet struggling with cultural differences. 


The two most common reasons why expat assignments fail are --

(1) adjustment difficulties on the part of the spouse; and

(2) cross-cultural misunderstandings and struggles on the part of the assignee.   


I understand these issues first hand as a perpetual expat and as a specifically trained and certified Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Coach.  My coachees are expatriate entrepreneurs, expatriate executives, expatriate spouses, immigrants, and people working across cultures.   


My coaching programs help EXPAT SPOUSES to:

  • overcome the feelings of being powerless and disconnected;
  • manage culture shock and guilt;
  • snap out of feeling lonely and sorry for yourself;
  • stop blaming the working spouse for the unhappiness abroad;
  • develop a new business, a career or discover a calling.

My coaching programs for EXPATRIATE ASSIGNEES are based upon Culture Mastery 4 C's Process™ -- a culture-emotion intelligence development program that inlcudes an Individual Cultural Blueprint web-based assessment and a roadmap that helps clients learn to be most effective across cultures.



I know how unsettling it can feel to be the stranger in a strange land because I've been there myself.  In fact when I first moved across cultures we moved from behind the Iron Curtain. I had two suitcases, $90 in my pocket, and a ticket to a country which at that point may well have been another planet.   I was scared.  Of course – who would not be?  Little did I know that this move was to become the first of many and that eventually all my moves would contribute to an amazing life journey.


As a coach I’ve been told I have the ability to unleash the part of people that’s unique to them. If you are lost, confused, stuck, or simply not happy -- chances are you need to find your way back to who you are.  If you came upon this page, you are already half-way there.  The next half we can co-create together.  A great place to start would be to sign up for our Expat VIP list (no spam ever!) and to get a FREE "A to Z of Successful Expatriation™" Guide and Workbook here. Arrow_red

It offers tools, ideas and exercises that are designed to help you make your expatriate experience the best it can be.


If you are ready to start coaching, choose the expat and/or cross-cultural coaching structure that will work for you:

Margarita’s work as a coach is all about supporting the individual clients in identifying their strengths and values and realizing their ambitions in alignment. She thus insightfully guided me towards positive results and a better understanding of my goals.  I was impressed with her warmness, supportiveness, intuitiveness, and the special ability to be in complete service of her clients' creating the work and life they truly want. She is both extremely personable and able to take you out of your own professional or personal paradigm. I ended up in a much better place, which happens to be on the road less travelled, with a new boost of clarity, courage, confidence and insight.  A coach myself she’s sustainably helped me ‘expecting the unexpected’.  My take away was renewed energy and vision for what was valued and necessary.

(Christine BAUDOT, France and Canada)

Grateful or in debt – what does it feel like to you? An accompanying expat spouse’s dilemma. PDF Print E-mail

by Margarita


Much has been said about the role of financial dependence in expat marriages. One spouse gets the transfer to work abroad, the other decides to follow thereby giving up his/her job and with that — the ability to contribute monetarily to the household.

Although situations vary, most non-working accompanying spouses contribute to the family in many other ways: they organize households in the chaotic “before” and “after” of a move; they take care of children and pets; they figure how things work in a new environment and smoothen transition for everyone else; they run the house and errands; and they play a very important supportive part that allows the other partner to work.

We all know they contribute – and they know it too – however, concerns of being financially dependent and spending “not my own money” has always been high on the expat spouse’s list of feeling unhappy. So why is it that perfectly accomplished people with a large list of things they do for the family still feel like they don’t deserve the money they spend? Why do they feel guilty not to make a paycheck?

Thinking about it a little more after a conversation I recently had with some fellow expat women, I came up with three reasons:


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Sign up to receive FREE "A to Z of Successful Expatriation™" Guide and Workbook. Based on experiences of expats around the world, it offers tools that help make your expat life the best it can be!
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