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Why Culture is Important and Its Impact on Business and Personal Success

Culture is a universal characteristic of all humanity and pervades all aspects of social interaction. Each of us views the world through a lens of values, morals, mores, behaviors, attitudes and ethics that are unique to our country of origin. Culture informs every aspect of how we live, function and interpret the world around us. When diverse cultures are brought together, inadvertent misunderstandings frequently occur, despite a common shared language. Through coaching and cultural courses The Global Coach Center essentially lifts the lens of culture to promote clear understanding of multicultural perspectives in one's personal and professional life, much like removing a pair of sunglasses enables seeing the world in a more accurate and in fact, realistic, light.



Cultural Business Consulting for Multicultural Corporations
Country-Specific Courses (Living and Working in Host Country)
Expatriation Cultural Coaching (Business professionals/partners/families on relocation assignment abroad)
Repatriation Cultural Coaching (Business professionals/partners/families returning to home country after completion of relocation assignment abroad)
Coaching Courses and Certification Program (The Culture Mastery 4C's Process)





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