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You can now purchase a license to any of our cross-cultural courses.  These courses will be useful for you if you are:

HR or Training Director of a company that... An individual coach/trainer/consultant who...
  • hires and brings in expats from different countries
  • wants to have an in-house cross-cultural program for their expats and their families
  • is interested in a cross-cultural program that doesn't only offer culture information but also trains your expats in culture-emotion intelligence through the process of Culture Mastery


  • coaches and/or trains clients working in a different country
  • consults companies and/or teams working across cultures
  • helps companies that outsource improve their communication and efficiency
  • works as a consultant to a small/medium size businesses that are extending overseas

Each country's course offers: 
  1. An overview of the national culture (including the do’s and don’ts, the national proverbs, the etiquette, etc)
  2. An insight into the corporate culture
  3. A Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ module that helps your clients (a) identify gaps between their way of thinking and the prevalent way of thinking in that country; and (b) learn skills of cultural intelligence, cultural adjustment, and cultural negotiation.
  4. Access to a private LinkedIn Group for licensees to ask questions, discuss processes and share experiences.





The “Living and Working in ...” courses consist of eight chapters of information, a video file, and an audio podcast.  All documents, video, and audio are available for download to your computer so that you don't depend on the internet connection to offer them in your practice:

Chapter 1:  Managing Culture Shock
A unique approach to handling Culture Shock in any situation.  Three handy tools to carry whenever people move and change cultures.

Chapter 2 (Video): The National Culture
A video-presentation featuring photos from all over each country, accompanied by a recording that will tell your clients/staff about the National Culture of a country.

Chapter 3: Proverbs
Country’s proverbs can tell a lot about the country.  This chapter contains proverbs that will help your clients/staff understand each country.

Chapter 4: The Corporate Culture
Doing business?  Managing staff?  If your clients/staff are going to work in a country, they’ll want to familiarize themselves with what may be different to their country’s corporate culture.

Chapter 5: Culture Mastery -- Your Cultural Blueprint
Help your clients/staff learn about their own cultural preferences.  How do your clients/staff compare to the country nationals within the eleven cultural variables?

Chapter 6: The Country's Cultural Blueprint
Learn about each country's cultural variables.  How wide is the gap between your clients/staff and people in that country?

Chapter 7: Culture Mastery -- Adjusting Your Cultural Habits
Help your clients/staff manage the gap they discovered in the previous chapter.  Use the variety of coaching and training exercises to help them close the gap and, thus, become more effective in that country.

Chapter 8: Culture Mastery -- Cultural Negotiation and Alliances
Help your clients/staff by offering them tools for those gaps that are not so easy to close.




If you are in independent coach/consultant/trainer, the cost of the 5-year roaylty-free license is $329 USD. 


If you are in the HR, we offer company packages and can design an individual package for you based on your needs (contact us here to discuss).




The license materials are stored on a server for you to access and download whenever you want. 


Click on the country's name below and you'll be taken to the Global Coach Center Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Academy where you can complete your purchase (we are slowly converting all our course to licenses so bear with us if your country is not yet available).  By purchasing any of the licenses below, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.



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