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When your family goes through relocation to another country and becomes an expat family, everyone in the family is affected. 

The expat assignee faces challenges of cultural diversity and working across cultures; the accompanying spouse juggles feelings of loneliness and left-behind-career-and-family with pressure of figuring out questions of making a home and maintaining identity; and the children have to cope with new schools and new friends.

Global Coach Center offers programs and materials that help alleviate the stressful impact of relocation:



"Margarita's services combine talent and skill. She develops targeted questions that begin the transformation of  a client's diffused thoughts into a clear plan of action.  She truly listens and interprets the client's cognitive and affective messages in a manner that gently but clearly leads the client to completely new, useful insights.  Margarita is a warm, respectful, sincere coach who flawlessly creates results."

(Judy Cantwell, M.Ed. Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach/Counselor/Consultant)

  • Re-Discovery Coaching.  When you reach a certain age -- especially if you are a woman -- you find that doing what you have always done may no longer be enough. Perhaps you just repatriated after years of travel and caring for your family. Or maybe your children are now old enough to give you the space to begin thinking about the next part of your life journey. Who do you want to be now? What do you want to do? How do you re-enter the workforce? Or how do you re-create, re-invent, re-discover what you can do with yor life? The re-discovery coaching  package is designed to help you along this process. 


  • Expat Women Academy.  After interviewing over 20 expat women of all walks of live, we zeroed in on the most common challenges they experience and created a curriculum to help.  It's a one of a kind program complemented with one-on-one coaching and extensive support from women all over the globe, going through the same challenges.  Together we are stronger!


  • Culture Mastery 4 C's Process™. An online, self-taught assessment and culture-emotion intelligence development program that teaches how to be effective in any culture.
"Assessing on culture preferences is a great way to understand culture challenges.  And these challenges are the main reason why international assignments fail.  Therefore it is really important to guarantee a successful assignment. This process is very good in focusing on main challenges of culture differences."
(I.V., Portugal)
  • Adjustment Guide E-course. An online self-taught course that provides tools on how best to manage the effects of adjusting to another culture.

“Relocation is not just a simple geographical change, a move from point A to point B. It involves a lot of emotions and implications on the personal, familial and professional levels.  This adjustment course  helps you reflect about all aspects involved in these changes; quietly and rationally analyze them, and take control of the situation as much as possible."

(Anne Gillmé, Columbus Project)

  • Repatriation Guide E-course. An online self-taught course that teaches how to manage the emotional response to the process of repatriating back home.
  • 3 Ways to Manage Culture Shock. An e-book and an e-course that contains exercises and hands-on activities for overcoming the effects of culture shock. E-book available in English, Russian, Spanish, and French.
"I recommend your e-book, it is easy to read and very practical. The idea of different perspectives is great, a real breath of fresh air on the subject... Also I am a big fan of John Gottman and think its very clever how you have brought his work across to the area of culture shock. I won't go into detail because it's all in your book...."



Sometimes you need to know more about a country before you decide to move there.  You need to know how compatible you are with your potential destination and how the diversity in cultural values can affect you. Our country-specific cross-cultural courses can help you make the right decision not only through providing you with information about that country -- but also by giving you a tool to assess yourself, compare your cultural preferences with those of that country, and understand if you are able to adjust without undermining who you are.



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