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There are two major things that contribute to the expatriate failure and early returns: 

 1.   Cross-cultural difficulties and misunderstandings on the job

 2.   Issues with family adjustment


Luckily we have solutions for both.  These solutions are also useful for those businesses that are expanding to other markets; bring people in from other countries or send business people on travel abroad; outsource; and manage diverse staff virtually.  Cultural misunderstanding can cost you success and incur big financial losses -- yet preventing them through educating your people will insure your success across cultures. 


Global Coach Center offers a variety of programs and materials to help you:


These resources are available in a variety of packages -- and we offer subscription plans to companies that want to make them available to many people on their staff and to the families.


  • Culture Mastery 4 C's Process™ Program. Designed specifically for people who work across cultures -- either as expats, team leaders, or managers of virtual teams -- this program provides participants with tools to become emotionally intelligent and competent when working with cultural diversity.  The program can be taken individually or used as a facilitation guide within diverse teams.
  • Cross-cultural country programs as assessments for potential expatriates. If your company is hiring people for employment abroad, you want to make sure your expats do not return early.  Surveys show that a high percentage of early returns are due to inability to adjust to a culture. The programs we offer contain not only information about a country but an opportunity for your potential expats and their families to assess their compatability with the culture of that country. They'll know if they can thrive there before making their decision and that's the best way to choose your expat personnel.  For details and available countries please visit Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Academy.
  • Cross-cultural training for your expat hires and business travelers. Our training is online and always available.  That means there is no need to block a large chunk of time, to provide venue, and to pay for travel. Your expats can take the training on their own, together with their families, and a little bit at a time -- exactly as they need to.  Our trainers and coaches are always available for a follow-up session but our courses contain all of the information your expats will need to have a good foundation for working in a different country. If you prefer to offer an in-house training to your expats, our courses can become facilitation guides for your HR/Training departments to use (see cross-cultural licenses).  For details and a list of available countries please visit Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Academy.
  • Adjustment Guide E-course.  This course is a must-have for expat families.  Adjusting to another culture and making a home in an unfamiliar environment is the one reason that expat families cite as the source of their problems.  By providing this course to the families of your expatriate employees, you are helping prevent early returns.
  • Repatriation Guide E-course.  Many expats find repatriation frustrating and painful.  That's why we created a course full with tools that help them manage their emotional response to the process of repatriating home.


  • Expatriate Spouses: Challenges and Strategies.  Fully customized webinars for your expat spouse population addressing the main challenges of expatriate lifestyle and helping prevent early returns through providing effective strategies and solutions to spouses and families (perfect for companies with more than 5 expat spouses). 
  • Expat Women Academy. After interviewing over 20 expat women of all walks of live, we zeroed in on the most common challenges they experience and created a curriculum to help.  It's a one of a kind program complemented with one-on-one coaching and extensive support from women all over the globe, going through the same challenges (perfect for companies with fewer than 5 expat spouses).


  • Cross-cultural leadership coaching. If intercultural training isn't enough and your expat manager can use some help working across cultures, our cross-cultural leadersgip coaching programs combine the mastery of cross-cultural knowledge with effectiveness of coaching. Our goal is to help your staff increase their emotional intelligence -- cross-culturally.
  • Expat family members coaching.  The first few months in country are the hardest on the family, and consequently on the employee.  No amount of translators, interpreters, drivers, and assistants will ease the stress of setting up a home, making connections, finding a sense of belonging, and keeping culture shock at bay.  Expatriate life coaching programs benefit those newly arrived by providing support and teaching tools that help in adjustment.  We recommend that you invest into a minimum of 3-months coaching program for the family of your expatriate employee.  You'll find that this investment will keep paying back in better performance from a happy expat employee.




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