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Over the years of working with expats and expat families, Global Coach Center developed a large variety of materials that it is now pleased to offer to other expat coaches as licenses. Why reinvent the wheel when you can take advantage of what's already available?


Check out the result of a recent survey of expat and cross-cultural coaching niche conducted by the Global Coach Center -- download the report here!


  • 3 Ways of Managing Culture Shock. A ready-to-deliver workshop, presentation or teleclass -- you choose the form of delivery.  Our unique system of managing culture shock and making relocations easier for your clients is available in English and French.

  • Culture Mastery 4 C's Process™. One-of-a-kind assessment and culture-emotion intelligence development program that you can either facilitate in groups or use in work with individual clients. Provides you with intercultural competence you need to help your clients become emotionally intelligent amidst cultural diversity. Available in English and French.

  • Country courses. Fully-developed cross-cultural courses for many countries contain information that you can use to help your clients succeed in their work and life in that country. For the list of available countries, please visit the Cross-Cultural and Expatriate Academy.


If you are just starting as an expat coach and/or if you want to hone your skills while receiving FREE access to the above licenses, we take a limited number of coaches for our Expat Coach Mentoring and Coaching Program.


Global Coach Center offers you a listing in the International Directory of Expat Coaches and Cross-Cultural Trainers. Because of our high ranking and because we are known in the field of expatriate and cross-cultural coaching and training, we often get asked to recommend a coach or a trainer in a certain country.  That's why we created the International Directory of Expat Coaches and Cross-Cultural Trainers to be a resource for all those people who are looking.  The directory is sorted by country and easily searchable and indexed.


Listen to Margarita's interview with Coach Chat Radio about resources and tools available for expat and cross-cultural coaches:



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