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Kochi (Cochin)
Kerala India
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Contact Person: Jennifer Kumar


I facilitate better, clearer communication and understanding between Indians and their American clients, customers, stakeholders, colleagues, management. I am committed to helping you get to the heart of the matter to identify long-lasting solutions through a combination of coaching, consultancy and classwork. Small group and individual solutions include personal coaching, communication clarity coaching, accent neutralization, career planning, communication strategy across borders, online and in-person pre-departure cross-cultural training programs and more.

I help ease the burden of managers of BPO, KPO, offshore and outsourced teams through providing one-on-one targeted coaching. Coaching programs focus on the needs of the employee as identified by the manager and the employee. Some skills we can work on include:

  •        Spoken English
  •        E-mail Communication
  •        Phone Communications
  •        Presentation Skills
  •        Communication Skills
  •        American Cultural Understanding

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In today’s world of outsourcing and offshoring, employees as early as day one may be assigned to work with American counterparts over the phone or in person by flying to America. The cultural and communication skills learned in the coaching sessions will give confidence to you and your employee for a successful job today and into the future.

Services delivered in person, over the phone or through Skype (Internet).

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