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NetherlandsFlag"LIVING and WORKING IN THE NETHERLANDS"NetherlandsFlag

Online Cross-Cultural Course

by Ines Hijmans  and Margarita Gokun Silver

Arrow_red_curved  Are you an expat, who is working or going to work in the Netherlands, and whose company doesn't offer cross-cultural training?

Arrow_red_curved  Are your investing in the Netherlands and need your staff to be knowledgeable about dealing with the Dutch?

Arrow_red_curved  Do you regularly work with the Dutch? 

Arrow_red_curved  Do you have clients and partners in the Netherlands?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then "Living and Working in the Netherlands" course is for you.


This course --

  • provides you with a foundation of what the Netherlands is all about;
  • helps you, through the Culture Mastery process, to understand the gap between your way of thinking and the Dutch way of thinking;
  • provides extensive tools to negotiate the cultural differences; and
  • blends cross-cultural information with a coaching approach to understanding and becoming successful in any culture.

This course can be used as:

Arrow_reda self-assessment program that potential expatriates can take to decide if moving to the Netherlands will work for them and their families


Arrow_reda full cross-cultural course that offers expats and business leaders information they need to succeed in the Netherlands

Arrow_reda license for coaches/trainers/consultants and HR who want to help their clients/staff succeed in the Netherlands


So whether you are already living in the Netherlands, preparing to move there, working with the Dutch virtually, or taking business trips — you can take "LIVING AND WORKING IN THE NETHERLANDS" course and know what awaits you and how to deal with it.



Two reasons:


Number1If you simply want to learn about the do's and don'ts of the country, you can, in fact, buy a book or search through a variety of internet resources.  However, if you want to know how to successfully interact with people; if you want to learn what motivates them; if you want to learn how to manage them effectively; if you want to learn how to communicate and how not to communicate -- you need to know their prevalent cultural blueprint. And you need to know your own cultural blueprint. Both will become clear to you as you test yourself through our course's 11 cultural variables and then compare your score with that of the country you are going to.


This depth of information is not available on the internet.


Number2Once you know your cultural blueprint and their cultural blueprint -- and once you compare the two -- you will discover gaps.  Our course teaches you how to negotiate those gaps with the use of Culture Mastery Process based on:

    • the co-active coaching model
    • the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tools
    • the systems and relationship approach
You won't find that on the internet either.


This “LIVING AND WORKING IN THE NETHERLANDS” is a multimedia course and consists of eight (8) chapters of information, a video file, and an audio podcast:


Blue-arrowAudio 1 and Chapter 1:  Managing Culture Shock 

A unique approach to handling Culture Shock in any situation.  Three handy tools to carry with you whenever you move and go through a transition.


Blue-arrowChapter 2/Video: The National Culture of the Netherlands

A video-presentation featuring photos from all over the Netherlands, accompanied by a recording that will tell you about the National Culture of the Netherlands.


Blue-arrowChapter 3: Dutch proverbs
Country’s proverbs can tell a lot about the country.  This chapter contains proverbs that will help you understand the Netherlands.


Blue-arrowChapter 4: Dutch Corporate Culture

Doing business in the Netherlands?  Managing staff?  If you are going to work in the Netherlands, you’d want to familiarize yourself with what to expect when doing business.


Blue-arrowChapter 5: Culture Mastery -- Your Cultural Blueprint
Learn about your own cultural preferences.  How do you compare to the Dutch within the eleven cultural variables?


Blue-arrowChapter 6: The Dutch Cultural Blueprint
Learn about the Dutch cultural variables.  How wide is the gap between you and them?


Blue-arrowChapter 7: Culture Mastery -- Adjusting Your Cultural Habits

Manage the gap you discovered in the previous chapter.  Use hands on coaching and training exercises to close the gap and, thus, become more effective in the Netherlands.


Blue-arrowChapter 8: Culture Mastery -- Cultural Negotiation and Alliances
Excellent tools for those gaps that are not easy to close!


This is a wealth of information! And it’s available to you anytime, anywhere and for the fraction of the cost.


Watch this YouTube video about the course:


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Cross-Cultural training is usually expensive — it can run anywhere between $500 and $2000 dollars — and that’s why most of the time a company would have to provide it.  Yet companies often decide to economize on this part of the expatriate experience and very few expats get the benefit of a real cross-cultural training.


Business travelers and companies doing business in the Netherlands almost never get the benefit of a cross-cultural training.  Yet this training is essential to their success.


That's why we have created this online course and that's why we are making it affordable.  The training we are offering you on-line is available for $199.  This includes FREE short e-mail consultations with the course creator(s) in the first 30 days after purchasing the course.


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Your choice entirely!


The course materials are stored on a server for you to access and learn whenever you can.  There is no expiration date, no class to be late for, no time zones to negotiate.  Just log in and study as many times as you want.


Signing up is hassle-free. Just click HERE and you will be taken to the Global Coach Center Academy where you can enroll in the course.  Once you are there, just register for the Academy and pay with PayPal (you can choose to pay via your PayPal account or with your credit card) and that’s it.


Don’t wait.  REGISTER NOW.  


Living and working in the Netherlands doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.  Go prepared — get ready with our LIVING AND WORKING IN THE NETHERLANDS on-line course.



  • How much do you think you are worth?
  • And how much is being at your creative best and being stress-free worth to you?
  • Think of all these times you moved or done business without having the benefit of a cross-cultural training.  What was it like?
  • What do you want it to be like?

Don’t delay.  Register now.














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