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Multicultural CoachingCross-Cultural Leadership Coaching

Our cross-cultural leadership coaching model is based on Culture Mastery 4 C's Process™.  It's goal is to help you increase your culture-emotion intelligence. 


Cross-Cultural Leadership coaching engagements tipically last between three and nine sessions and follow the Culture Mastery 4 C's Process™.  You work with your leadership coach to learn:

  • Your Cultural Blueprint and how it compares to the blueprint of the people you are working with (First C: CALCULATE - assessment step)
  • Understand which parts of your Cultural Blueprint can be adjusted to be more effective across cultures (Second C: CHOOSE)
  • Adopt new habits and behaviors through the process of cultural adjustment (Third C: CHANGE)
  • Zero in on parts of your Cultural Blueprint that cannot be adjusted due to identity/values clash -- and work to create cultural alliances with people (Fourth C: CREATE) 
Please contact us here to schedule a complimantary conversation about how Culture Mastery 4 C's Process™ can help you develop intercultural competence and leadership across cultures.


  With Culture Mastery 4C’s Process, Margarita has developed a creative and scholarly  process which takes a complex and challenging central  issue in our multicultural world that enriches our own competence.  It builds our awareness of our own cultural identities and, through a logically constructed process, informs us of the similarities and differences in values and  preferred working styles of people of other cultures.  This program gives us a process that increases the possibilities of our working together with greater success as we learn that  diversity as an opportunity to expand our skills to achieve greater success and satisfaction in our work and in our own lives.  Margarita has done all this by using her own unique “C’s” in educating us with  Clarity, Creativity and Competence.

(Jean Pollara Muni)

 You can also learn about Culture Mastery 4 C's Process™ through the presentation at the Global Coach Conference (and download the slides that go with the presentation here):  


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So you have done it. You have moved to another country – not simply as an expatriate for a number of years, but forever. You are an immigrant striving to make a successful and fulfilling life in your new home. Whether you have retired or are still in the workforce, you will be facing challenges of becoming a local in an unfamiliar territory and new culture. Questions of belonging, making connections, establishing friendships/partnerships, and rediscovering your identity in a new light are going to come up.  Working through those questions and the emotional reaction they bring is much easier with a coach.  Why struggle when you don't have to?  Contact us here for a complimentary strategy session.    

Intercultural Relationships

Getting involved with someone from another culture is very exciting and rewarding. Your friend or your significant other may show you the colors of life you have never seen, make you hear the music you never thought existed, and open your mind in ways you never realized were possible. Yet there are times when both of you misunderstand each other’s customs and cultures, and there are times when you find it so difficult to communicate that you don’t even try. Coaching has been known to be the tool that helps relationships flourish and succeed, so feel free to get in touch here

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