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Expatriate Coaching

Expatriate Coaching

Our clients come from all walks of life but they have one thing in common – they are our ideal clients.  They search us out because they face a unique set of concerns that only we can help them with. Read the characteristics of our ideal clients here.


Considering becoming an expat? Listen to Margarita's interview on 3 Steps to your decision here.

"Margarita's services combine talent and skill. She develops targeted questions that begin the transformation of  a client's diffused thoughts into a clear plan of action.  She truly listens and interprets the client's cognitive and affective messages in a manner that gently but clearly leads the client to completely new, useful insights.  Margarita is a warm, respectful, sincere coach who flawlessly creates results."  
(Judy Cantwell, M.Ed. Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach/Counselor/Consultant)



Expatiate Spouses/Partners

Expat spouses – and especially women – tend to be very hard on themselves.  They move their families across continents, they quit jobs and careers to follow loved ones overseas, they support their spouses and children … they do all that and more, yet they don’t feel enough.  Instead they often feel as if they lost sense of who they are.  They feel guilty not to be working, they feel guilty spending the money they didn’t earn, they feel guilty about having me-time, they feel guilty about not being enough and not doing enough… and on and on it goes.  That on top of feeling alone, lost, and unfulfilled creates a cocktail that we like to call fogFog of doubt, guilt, self-criticism, and not realizing that they are so much more than they think they are.


Clients who find themselves in fog are our ideal clients.  Do you at times feel like you've lost sense of who you are?  Contact us here.

"Margarita’s coaching helped me see, speak aloud and fully realize things I already deep in my heart knew but was not willing to face. It helped me understand the difference between the true me and the shoulder presser/ saboteur. There were moments when I felt I was walking on a dark path and Margarita was holding the torch light for me."  

(Maarit Pohjola)


Listen to Margarita's interview with ExpatsRadio about Expatriate Coaching:

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These clients don’t come to us because we work with expatriates.  They come to us because they are looking to find their dream – their road in life.  We call them seekers.  Working abroad and being international contributes to their journey and our expatriate/international emphasis makes them feel at home.


Seekers with international soul and flare are our ideal clients.  Are you a seeker?  Contact us here.


"Margarita challenged me through our coaching sessions to envisage where I would like to be in the future and to how attain it. She got me to re-evaluate my goals and to see what I really wanted.  Being an expat and positioning myself in a different culture, society and people was daunting. I had somehow got lost in focusing my concerns in other areas when what I really wanted was to feel secure. Having just moved from one country to another and quit my job, I was lacking in focus and really lost.  Coaching with Margarita helped me realize that most people felt just like I did. A circle in a square. This is what I call discovery. Margarita was very professional and our coaching relationship was based on mutual trust and respect. Margarita was a vital tool in re-enforcing in me, that I am the person who has control over my life.  She provided me with the support, which allowed me to build my self-confidence to see what it was I wanted.  Margarita provided encouragement, focus, and most of all belief in me."

(N. Hussain)

"Coaching with Margarita has given me tools to better understand myself, appreciate myself and move forward based on my talents.  It may not always be convenient to look into the mirror.  However, once you have faced yourself (or your fears and what one rather pushes away), new doors and opportunities open up and life in general becomes more accessible.  Coaching provides the toolbox and guidance whilst one has to be open to accept the new reality.  Many thanks for providing me with tools and a mirror, Margarita!"

(Joerg, Germany)


Taking your kids to live overseas? Listen to a 11-year old TCK (third culture kid) describe her experience with moving: Embed Embed this video on your site


Repatriating takes a lot of people by surprise. Many don’t realize that homecomings can be just as difficult as moving to another country – and full of emotions and “reverse” culture shock. Things may have changed while you were abroad — and you may have changed too.  You may miss the excitement of expatriate lifestyle and feel sad about being “back to normal”.  You may not find people to be receptive or curious about your experience and feel completely alone.


"Coaching with Margarita initiated a change to the better in all aspects of my life. She was an excellent catalyst in this change. She helped me tremendously, is still inspiring me. Thank you, Margarita!"

(Steffi Müller)


If your repatriating experience is emotionally difficult, contact us here.

Aspiring Expats

Your friends have been telling you for years about how wonderful it is to be an expatriate. You feel like expat life is for you but you are not so sure you can do it.  After all — as exciting as it sounds — it’s also kind of scary.  New country, new people, new language… can you do it?  Doubts is the domain of your saboteur but do you want to live your life from that sabotaging energy?  Do you really want to regret not doing it for the rest of your life or do you want to give it a shot?

“Good coaches know how to break down performance into its critical individual components....Elite performers...must engage in "deliberate practice"--sustained, mindful efforts to develop the full range of abilities that success requires. You have to work at what you're not good at. In theory, people can do this themselves. But most people do not know where to start or how to proceed. Expertise, as the formula goes, requires going from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence to conscious competence and finally to unconscious competence. The coach provides the outside eyes and ears, and makes you aware of where you're falling short.”

(Atul Gawande, The New Yorker, October 3, 2011)

How to make a decision to become an expat: 3 steps (via ExpatsRadio show)

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If you like to be coached about your decision, please contact us here.


7 Habits of a Happy Expat On-Line Course

If you are not ready to commit to individual expatriate coaching, start with this easy to follow on-line course.  It focuses on 7 Habits that are essential to adopt in order to lead a happy and healthy life as an expatriate.  You can download the course.  For more information on this course go to 7 Habits of a Happy Expat course.

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