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ft-atardecer1The Global Coach Center employs Co-Active Coaching™ ( as its coaching model operating on a principle of active and collaborative participation of both the coach and the client.

A coaching relationship is all about you, the client. It is about your goals, about what you want in your life, and about what can help you get there. It is about being in a partnership with someone who is always there for you – ready to listen without judgment and provide support with no strings attached. Someone who is totally curious about your dreams, aspirations, and values; someone who will hold you accountable and keep you moving forward; someone who will help you focus and stay on track. This someone is your life coach.

People come to coaching for many different reasons, but the bottom line is change. If you are ready to begin a journey towards making your big vision a reality but don’t want to do it alone, coaching is for you.


For audio demos of coaching with Margarita, please visit Expatriate Coaching Demos.




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