6 Keys for a Successful Move to China

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“I’m moving to China!” More and more people from across the globe are finding themselves saying these words each day. As China continues to establish itself as the most important growth market in the world, expatriates will continue to flock to cities like Beijing and Shanghai in search of opportunities. … Read More

10 Things Expats Should Stop Doing

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By its very nature, moving abroad is about doing something new. Many expatriates take it as an opportunity to tap into talents that have been left dormant or delve into parts of themselves they haven’t yet explored. In order to truly embrace the experience of living in another country and … Read More

Expatriate vs Immigrant – What’s the Difference?

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The terms expatriate and immigrant are often misused when talking about individuals who have chosen to live abroad. Either the two terms are used interchangeably or they’re spoken with politically weighted implications on socioeconomic standing, education levels, and impact on the host country. However, the truth is that the difference … Read More

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