Setting A Theme For The New Year’s Wish.

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Ever since I was a little girl, I remember celebrating the new year with my family. New Years is the most important holiday of the year in Russia. It is the day where families gather together and celebrate for hours over an elaborately planned meal reminiscing about the past year and preparing for the one up ahead. We would eat, drink, talk and just before midnight, bid farewell to the old year. Then, as the clocks would strike midnight, we would open the door and welcome the new year with champagne and wishes. What did we wish for? Our new year’s wish would be for good health, prosperity… and, most importantly, we wished for the new year to be better than the old.

I find that “wishing” is different from making the infamous new year’s resolutions. To me, these resolutions are often a reflection of our “shoulds” rather than our “wants”. How many times have we made a resolution to go to the gym three times a week because we thought we ought to? And how many of us continued to go three times a week throughout the year? You get the point.

The new year’s wish on the other hand, is different. Wishing lets you put out there what you really want and through that it opens you up to those possibilities. For instance, my wish for the upcoming year is to publish the novel I’ve written. I have really no control over the publishing industry and so it’s the job of the universe to grant me that publishing contract. My job is to take actions to get that contract like polishing my manuscript, writing query letters to agents, negotiating, etcetera). As soon as you divide the spheres of influence – the universe’s job is everything outside of your control and your job is to take the necessary actions- you feel lighter. You see what you have control over and what you do not. You stop beating yourself up for not selling that novel or getting that promotion, all the while you are still going for it. The new year’s wish does not come with all the negative implications of complaining and feeling bad.

A word about complaining. It is a known principle that whatever is focused on is what continues to expand. So if you focus on what you do not have in your life, so much that it takes over all your thoughts, you will continue to not have it. It will drag you down to places of stress, worry, and anxiety taking all the energy you need to be creative and driven. But, with the new year’s wish, you focus on what you want so you will have a feeling of peace, positive thoughts, and unlimited possibilities. You will open yourself up to receive what you want. And since the universe does not allow there to be an imbalance in what is asked for and what is received, you will eventually get what you ask for. That’s what making a new year’s wish and choosing a new year’s theme is all about.

I’ve chosen my theme for the next year to be success. How about yours?

Written by: Cultural Business Consulting in collaboration with Margarita Gokun Silver

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